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About the Chapter 12: Not Made With Hands category


I’m getting ready to leave for Israel, but let’s start Chapter 12 and see what we can discover over the next couple of weeks. This is one of my favorite chapters. How do we learn to trust God’s efforts more than our own. This is the key to being fruitful and fulfilled in his kingdom. It won’t make us couch potatoes, because we’ll be more active than ever, but not with our own futile efforts, but cooperating with the way he is making himself known to us and people around us.


How do we learn to trust God’s efforts more than our own? Well, a few years (or many) of frustration definitley helps. We are slow learners by definition and ANY learning (change) that finally does take place is by the Grace of God working in us by the Holy Spirit in some little place in our hearts that He’s been asking us for maybe a loooong time.
Waiting patiently on Him is a huge part in coming to that place where “we learn to trust God’s efforts more than our own.” By nature we are impatient, BUT there are multiple fruits. In Galations 5 we see that patience is actually one of the fruits of the Spirit, among others, see G3115, 3116 in Greek Lexicon–longsuffering, patience.
Sweet Cherry Trees take 4-7 years to bear fruit, meaning they bear one year and then take 4 - 7 years off.
Conclusion:A major factor in learning to trust God’s efforts more than our own is by patiently waiting for Him to work in us, so in His good time He will make us fruitful in and for His KIngdom. Obviously we don’t sit and do nothing while we wait, we learn to listen for the promptings of His Spirit to grow a twig, pop a bud, grow a leaf, etc.