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Chapter 8: Favorite Quotes


Ha! Detox is the perfect word to describe what I’m going through! But so far, it’s been great! And I also love your take on longwinded females. I have often said I process out loud. Unfortunate for whomever happens to be within range of my voice. Lol! :slight_smile:


And then they invented word processors! Way to go! Seriously, it really helps to be able to “talk” through things. I’ve got so much stuff whirling around in my head right now. Feel like I’m stuck in the middle of one of those multi-level highway interchanges, and it’s rush hour. Need a large marker board and two or three people who will talk back! Cheese popcorn???. . . . Now, if my computer would just make coffee . . . . . . Gotta get to Chapter 9 soon.


Hahaha! I can totally relate! If you and I ever got together in person to talk, we would probably talk each others ears off until we collapsed. But I’ll bet we would have a GREAT time doing so. :slight_smile:


Can I Pleassee come ? I talk back- Have done since I started speaking. IDK where either of you live, but I have transport and can bring munchies- I prefer caramel corn to cheese, but will eat anything popped… Or anything with dark chocolate. Can’t do Thursday- cello lesson on Thursday, and a standing date with James Spader.


Sounds good to me! I love it all!


Well I’ll make you a deal. You eat the caramel corn and I’ll eat the cheese. It will work great! How far are you from central IL? :wink:


About 5 hours from Chicago in Michigan’s thumb. we’d have to make it a Weekend, I think.


I’m down in Texas and looking to move soon. Y’all party big up north and eat some chocolate for me. Say a prayer for us to find our way out of this mess.