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About the Chapter 11: In First Place... category

Chapter 11 is the first of eight chapters designed to help us discover to the life of the church as she’s taking shape around us. People who are leaning into God’s reality find their conversation seasoned with Jesus and his purposes in the world. They are less preoccupied with church institutions, worship, eschatology (the end-times), prophecy, miracles or anything else. Their conversation often settles in on the reality of Jesus—who he is, how he’s making himself known in their lives, the nature of his character and the meaning of his words.

If you want to find where the church is taking shape in your corner of the world, find people who are growing to know him and lean away from arguments, speculations, gossip, and those who think in us-versus-them terms about other Christian groups or even the world. The love of Jesus opens doors to include hungry hearts, not discount them for having weakness of struggle.