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Chapter 12: Questions

If you have question for Wayne, or would like to suggest a topic for the group in discussing this chapter, please post it here.

Does God thwart our plans and if so why and how?

Hi denberg… This is probably too broad a question for a clear answer. I don’t think God actively thwarts our plans to frustrate or punish us. I think he often overrides our plans when he has something better in mind for us than we do. That has happened often to me and I’m always grateful. But I think that in part is due to the fact that I’ve given permission for God to do so whenever his purpose and pleasure call for it. Scripture talks about the enemy thwarting Paul’s plans but I don’t think uses it of God. “Thwart” is a word that is hostile toward the party it acts on. I like to think of God overriding when my desires for myself are selfish, ill-advised, and at cross purposes with his glory.