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Chapter 13: Questions

If you have question for Wayne, or would like to suggest a topic for the group in discussing this chapter, please post it here.

It’s as if peer pressure or guilt is the most common reason to attend institutional “worship”. I keep hearing in my mind, “don’t pay attention to the curtain in the corner.” (My bad memory of The Wizard of Oz)

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I have probably heard it said before on Podcasts or amongst your blog Wayne but I was wondering after a bit of a senseless exchange with a friend I knew who decided to warn me, telling me to beware and I was on the wrong path. This popped up as I shared some posts about the Shack. But my question is why do these people that are so involved with the doings of their congregations alway think they are right? Is there a simple answer?
I did try embark in some conversation but it was as though he had suddenly became deaf, thankfully I felt the nudge to stay quiet which I place firmly in the Spirits camp as that is not me or wasn’t I’d argue till I was blue in the face.

Very wise, Ian. Mostly staying quiet is the best way to go, or you get entangled in an argument you can’t win because they will continually pull Scriptures out of context and quote them to “prove they are right.” We don’t have to convince the naysayers. I usually let them have their say and then say something like, “Well you know I see this very differently than you do and hope that won’t hurt our friendship.” It often does of course, but that’s their choice.

Religion is all about being “right.” Their security is in their doctrine and practice, it is not in Christ and his work on the cross. That’s why community is such a rare commodity in religious circles…


Oh boy how great it was to listen to the last couple of Podcasts Doctrine Débonnaires and the latest, from Fear to Trust which had me in stitches at about 10 minutes in you say "you can read a novel and catch a heresy… and it is so so true, if you’re convinced something is true no book can convince me otherwise. I too read loads and thankfully I am able to weed out the cooky from the oh my I like or love that.

Your answer was encouraging. I did end my conversation in a similar fashion to what you mentioned.

The interesting side I am enjoying is how God is showing me a deeper way that all these religious folk act. The wonderful feeling of not having to react to the accusations that are still rolling in and not feeling the need to justify my path in anyway.
I asked Jesus to show me how He managed to cope with the Pharisees and those that came at Him with the intention of hurting or killing Him, how did you remain loving in amongst that. It’s rather moving to see the peace and still the hope for the person even when it hurts. That, I feel, is me leaning on the Spirit that is inside supporting me where I don’t have that strength myself.

Hi Wayne,
When you say “Their security is in their doctrine and practice, it is not in Christ and his work on the cross,” isn’t that the same as saying -They trust is in man and not in God?
I saw The Shack this weekend and was blown away by its message and the quality of the production.

It could be, but they don’t know that. Not knowing God as a presence in his universe, they think they have him nailed down in their theology. But all of theology was meant to be lived inside a relationship. I wish people knew that Jesus didn’t leave us with a book, but with his Spirit so that he could LIVE in us!


Wayne, do you and Sarah ever travel to New England? We would love to host you in our home if you would like to see Vermont. We have a small group of friends who are now going through the Jesus Lens a second time. We plan to meet to discuss The Shack movie later this month. We would welcome you here…free room and board anytime it might fit into your schedule. This is probably not the right place for an invitation, but not sure which e-mail address to use.

Hi Bobbe. No this isn’t the best place to set up travel. Feel free to write me at I will be in Reading, MA the last weekend of March, with some time on the other side of that before I head down to PA and Baltimore. Not sure what you’d have in mind or how it works, but let’s see if God has anything in mind here…