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Chapter 20: Questions

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Hey Wayne,

I noticed that one of the quotes I liked from this chapter was “the answer for loneliness is not being around more people but letting God fill that space in your heart.”

Could you suggest some ways to help us learn a few ways to have God fill the lonely spaces in our hearts?

Are there some things we can do or learn that might help guide us to let God fill the lonely places in our hearts a little bit better, or does it mostly have to do with learning about God’s love?

Bailey, NC (USA)

Hi Lenny. No it’s not “learning about God’s love”, but actually experiencing the growing communion with him that he desires for all of us. How do you learn that? This is the Spirit’s job to teach you. Take a walk or sit down with him and ask him to teach you? Ask him about the source of your loneliness and what he wants to do to fill it up for you.

This is why we always say, Christianity was about having access to God and learn how that communion happens in your heart. Unfortunately we have substituted Scriptures and sermons and sometimes our own ingenuity for the intimacy God wants with all of us.

This is what every believer needs to learn, and where religious obligation has failed us so miserably. It’s why I write, record things like ENGAGE, to help people move from an intellectual relationship with God to real communion with him.

And I do God is already having it with us long before we recognize the thoughts and motives he puts in our heart are coming from him.

I hope that helps.


Hmmm… that’s very thought provoking…

I think I’m at a point in my life where I really needed this pointed out to me.

I think I’m going to need to have some nice conversations with Poppa.

Thank you very much Wayne… I really appreciate the response…

I just watched the first 2 Engage videos… This was a great help… Thanks…