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Chapter 22: Favorite Quotes

What in this chapter really resonated with your journey and why?

“We can’t chart her in intellectual terms and then implement our own strategies to make her appear. We would only end up focused on our work instead of his and then blame ourselves for not doing it well enough”

When I go back into my favourite quotes I saved from this chapter… the only one I highlighted was this one. Seems to sum up the whole book.


I loved these last 2 chapters.

1 You weren’t rebellious or independent; you just had a seed of life in your heart that refused to settle for an illusion when something real beckoned you onward.

2 His church grows out of relationships, not systems.

3 Instead of continually tweaking our programs, we can fix our attention on knowing him and loving others.

4 … every time you let his love flow through you, the world brightens. When you care about someone, forgive their failures, serve their needs, or just bring a smile to someone’s face, the kingdom of God grows in the earth.

1st I have had some family and friends act like I am rebellious for declining to attend and IC, but as it said, I refuse to settle for a mere illusion or a mere shadow of the real thing…

2nd I have been in traditional and contemporary IC’s, as well as house church and organic church groups that all seemed to be run from systems, and none of them were fulfilling. It’s obvious that loving friendships and relationships are the real thing, they are much better, and they are fulfilling.

3rd This one is much the same as number 2.

4th When you love people and treat them right, it makes a big difference in the world.

Bailey, NC