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Chapter 22: Questions

If you have question for Wayne, or would like to suggest a topic for the group in discussing this chapter, please post it here.

Hi Wayne,

I was wondering if you or anyone else here might start some kind of network or website so those of us in this group can all stay in contact, chat, or have the ability to send messages to each other… especially when some of us need encouragement.

Bailey, NC

Hi Lenny. The forum will stay up so people can continue to communicate here. We could even start a topic just for that purpose. I’m not planning on starting anything other than that, though anyone here can create a FB page or other forum to keep those connected who want to be. I’ve got enough pages, forums and websites to manage, and they do take a bit of work to keep off the spammers and to keep them civil when someone has an aggressive agenda to push.

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I actually was curious if anyone knew of a FB group more specifically for moms with children still at home that are going through this journey. I have 4 kids under 10 and homeschool. It would be nice to encourager each other as we balance family and friendships. And how to walk this journey with our kids and make connections outside of an IC. If anyone knows of one I could join or if interested in starting one with me let me know! Thanks :slight_smile:

HI Amy,

I think if you look through the “Introduction” page on this discussion forum, you should be able to find some folks that said they were moms in similar situations as you, but you might need to send them a private message in this forum. You could also start the FB group on your own, and then contact folks in this forum through private messages to invite them to your group… or something like that… :slight_smile:

Bailey, NC

Hi Lenny,

I may just do that, thanks! I am still trying to navigate my way through this forum, something I am not used to. :slight_smile: