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Some Quick Tech-y Updates

Hello Lifestream Discussion Folks

A couple quick things from the Lifestream Website Guy (that’s me):

  • Every once in a while you may get some emails from this website (the one) with posts and links and a little note saying something like, “we haven’t seen you in a while”. That is an automated message, and can be managed via your profile/preference settings. So, if you would prefer not to get those, I am pretty sure they can be turned off.

  • Earlier today, Friday, November 4th, 2016, we transferred the website to a different hosting server. That means that anything and everything connected with the domain name may have (and did) experience a hiccup (or three). So, if you noticed that this site was not loading earlier, that’s the reason. Thanks for your patience! Transferring servers is always an adventure for Website Guys!

Carry on!
Greg C.

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