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Welcome to Discuss @

Welcome to the Lifestream Discussion Board where we will have facilitated discussions about many of the resources at Lifestream. We’ll begin with a chapter by chapter book discussion of FINDING CHURCH. It will begin in May.

These discussions will be monitored to ensure that discussion here is designed to encourage each other on our own spiritual journeys and do so with respect and compassion. Open questions and discussion are welcome; debates and trying to convince others of your point of view are not.

And if your comfortable doing it, let’s sign off our messages with our first name and location, such as “Wayne in Thousand Oaks, CA”. One of the side benefits of these kinds of things is the connections God makes in real life and if people live near each other this will help make the connection.

If you want to find out more about the resources we’ll be discussing, go to

Start out by introducing yourself then read chapter one from Finding Church and join in on the discussion.

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