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What character of God did you most want to hang out with?

I know it is hard to pick a favourite… Papa, Jesus, Sarayu and Sophia. But I found my heart longing to be there in that place having those moments. I am sure I am not the only one. I would be interested to know who stood out as a favourite or if you had to choose… who would you like to hang out with?

I think I know my answer… but I am eager to hear yours first.

I didn’t think that I would like Sarayu, since the Holy Spirit usually will only work quietly in the background, but I think I liked Sarayu the best. I think it was because she was kind, gentle, and delicate in the way she handled everything. It seemed like she simply told Mack everything openly, plainly, and honestly… not discounting the others… but I think if I stepped out of the boat with Jesus, I would have held onto his arm so tightly that I would have cut off the circulation… and I wouldn’t have let go. It also seemed like poppa said some things that were difficult to quickly discern.

Sometimes I wish that I could have a member of the trinity physically and visibly present with me, but my love language is that I feel loved when people are present in the same room as me. So, I wish that one member of the trinity could be visibly present and I could have a full blown audible 2 way conversation with them, but then I think sometimes the Spirits presence is enough, because that’s my love language. It’s annoying that I can’t visibly see their presence around me, but I know The Holy Spirit is present, so I guess that’s enough. I have also learned so much about poppa’s love over the last few years that I feel like I know Him a lot better these days… That helps tremendously.

As far as the movie is concerned, I would like to meet the three of them alike. They are all one God, but represent different features: the love and care for us (Papa), the friendship and brotherhood to us (Jesus) and the spiritual life within us (Sarayu).

In “real life” I would opt for Jesus, perhaps because he is the one closest to men. I would have loved to meet him in tangible person and to be able to speak to him face to face. Until I will, the Holy Spirit will be there to remind me of Papa and Jesus.

I would probably have written a novel / movie script with Jesus alone in it, but I think the explanation The Shack gives for the Trinity is a good as it can get regarding the secret around it.

After watching the movie 3 times, my answer to my question would be Sarayu.

I am thinking it is because I am missing good girlfriend time. Even reading the book, I was drawn to the character, It’s too bad that it seems like such a sacrilege to relate to God as anything other than a masculine identity. Some of the most comforting moments for me have been in the company of women. It would be nice to imagine God in those moments with me. It gets lonely sometimes not having women around… Thank you Team Shack for giving me something I can at least imagine.

Ruby from Calmar Alberta.

I am coming in a bit late, but in South Africa we were also behind the US as far as release dates go… I pondered upon this, but decided not to choose. What I LOVED was the interaction between the three, which is exactly like I would imagine Father, Son and Holy Spirit would. The love, fun, openness, just knowing each other SO well! I think in our ‘normal’ life, we missed out on so much of the character of the God we serve, because in every stream or movement He is put in a certain “box” to define Him!