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What's Next For Me?

This isn’t probably a question that will need people to answer here, unless you stumble on some good ideas that may help others identify people around them God might be nudging them into. But I’d like this to be a personal opportunity to sit with God and see who he may be putting in your life for further relationship. If you don’t feel well-connected with people around you try making a list of potential people to explore relationship with.
• Who from your past do you really miss and would like to catch up with?
• Who around you makes your heart happy when you think of them?
• Who have you met recently that could really use a friend?
• Who comes to mind at random times for no apparent reason?
• Who is God asking you to spend some time with?

Make a list. Keep it close and pray. Think of ways to engage them. People you could meet for coffee? For lunch? People to invite over for dinner. Then, follow through as Father leads.