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What's Your Favorite Scene in the Movie?

What scene particularly touched or challenged you?

One of the last scenes in the hospital, when Mack’s daughter owned her guilt in thinking she contributed to her sister’s abduction and murder. To me, her pain seemed more immediate to the premise of the story than Mack’s, whose pain has built up and compounded for years. The weight of her pain seemed to be on the same level as Mack’s pain, and they bonded over the fact that neither one was to blame for her death, yet they shared in the pain of her death.

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There were so many beautiful scenes that touched me, but one that stands out was the scene where Mack was speaking with Wisdom and then had the moment of clarity about judging others (which is something I struggle with). Then when the waterfall started and he looked out and saw his Missy playing with Jesus…it was so beautiful and poignant.

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The scene where the Holy Spirit collected Mac’s tears into a bottle–oh, how He loves us and cares about out grief and sadness!

Very touching to me was the scene where they are all sitting and laughing at the table illustrating the intimacy God wants with us. Lots of beautiful illustrations. Makes me wish I was taking note.

“God is with us all the time… why does He care if we’re late for church?”

Best one liner in the whole movie. From the lips of babes.

When Papa shows Mac the scars on her wrist in response to his claim that she left Jesus alone in his hour of need. It still moves me just thinking about it :heart:

The entire movie was unlike anything I have ever seen. The experience I went away with was almost overwhelming… In a good way. It was not your run of the mill entertainment flick, it was as if God himself were talking straight to the viewers. I wanted to go right back in and watch it all over again to absorb it. So much to take in! I loved the illustration of our tears being collected. What an amazing movie so full of wisdom and Gods grace. I will be buying this as soon as it is for sale. Thank you for sharing it with the world.

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(1) I don’t know if it was my favorite scene, but what touched me was seeing Mack as a young boy getting mercilessly abused by his dad… and then to see what he did to take care of that situation…

That situation made me think that sometimes suffering can get so bad in our lives, that we are willing to do anything to relieve the suffering, even if it means doing something harsh. This is one reason why it is very difficult to judge some people, especially since we haven’t walked a mile in their shoes.

(2) I was also very touched by the scene where Mack tells his daughter about the story of the Indian princess, and how it provokes some serious questions about life. It was also touching when it seemed like Mack’s daughter seemed willing to do something just like the princess had done.

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Favorite 2 scenes.
When papa showed Mac his nail pierced hands and told him there is so much he doesn’t understand.

Also when they did the ceremony for missy!
I balled like a baby through these two scenes. Went through some painful things over the past few years and still in the process of watching and waiting for Papa to restore and redeem. The scene with the scars reminded me Father experienced the pain I did…and that even in the unanswered questions he was there! The scene with missy was powerful because it reminded me that after death and after forgiveness and relief there is redemption and new life. I still waiting and longing for that so it really ministered to me

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The judgment scene was and continues to be powerful to me as well. Mack judged what he could see, but Wisdom showed him some of what he could not see (like the fact that his father had been abused as a boy.) We have such a finite view. When I judge, I feel better about myself in a twisted kind of way (‘I may be bad, but I’m not THAT bad!’) When Mack was asked to judge between his two kids, it gave me a tiny insight into God’s love for His children and the pain He must feel as they/we choose to walk away from His best. If God is Love, then it’s no wonder He paid the ultimate price to redeem us. His will is that no one perish, but all have everlasting life. So judgment is His alone, and I can trust Him with that, knowing His heart.


I have 3 favorites that come to mind right now. I read the book, listened to it on audio books countless times and saw the movie 3 times. And still…when I saw Papa show the nail scars on her wrists I was moved beyond words and to tears. Wow! Loved it all 3 times I watched the movie.
Next is the meeting with wisdom in the cave. Judging people and God. Still chewing on the mystery in all of that. He sees, he knows, he allows, he loves.
Finally, retreaving Missy’s body and putting her in the coffin. Seeing them all togethet in the loss
anguish was beautiful.
Hard to pick favorites… I want to write more and more scenes but I’ll stop for now.

I had many favourite scenes in the movie, but the one which had the greatest impact on me personally was the interaction with Wisdom. It opened my eyes to how we judge… Not a nice mirror to see yourself in.

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